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Creating a Positive Cybersecurity Culture

Effectively Change Behavior

Instead of focusing solely on technology and on eliminating the threat, investments need to be made into upskilling employees. When they are empowered, the impact of threats can be reduced even further. The goal, therefore, must be to make cybersecurity a pan-organization objective.

By downloading the report, you'll see: 

  • Why and how you can foster a positive cybersecurity culture focused on behavioral change.
  • How to plan your cybersecurity program.
  • How to launch your cybersecurity program.
  • How to measure your program's success

2021 Anti-Phishing Training 

Does Anti-Phishing Training Work?

Cyberattacks have rapidly evolved into more complex and intricate schemes, making it harder for organizations to adapt in time. The problem for security awareness professionals has shifted from building awareness that security matters, to changing long-held individual behaviors and organizational security culture.

By downloading the report, you'll see: 

  • How and why anti-phishing training is a growing priority for small, medium and large organizations.
  • How anti-phishing training can change your team's behavior after only 90 days of enrollment.
  • How to seamlessly adopt phishing simulations and create a positive learning environment for your teams.

2021 Phishing Report

Market Leader Comparison

We conducted an in-house study to test the effectiveness of the Beauceron Platform compared to that of industry leader, KnowBe4. We published these results in our 2021 Phishing Report.

By downloading the report, you'll see: 

  • How Beauceron Platform users achieve a better click rate 4X faster than KnowBe4 users. 
  • Why a high report rate and a low ignore rate are critical metrics to measure the effectiveness of cybersecurity awareness education programs. 
  • How the Beauceron Platform drives better decision making around cyber risk by empowering people. 

Measurable, Automated, Behavior Change

Your journey to better cyber awareness starts today! You are welcome to visit, call or contact us for more information on our positive approach to reducing cyber risk and learning how your teams can care more about cybersecurity.

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