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With the Beauceron Platform, users achieve a better click rate 4X faster than KnowBe4 users.

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Positively Change Behavior

As a highly favored entry point, phishing continues to be the most widely used social engineering technique for cyber criminals worldwide. Simply put, phishing proves to be the fastest, and ultimately, the easiest way for cyber threat actors to manipulate and break their way into any organization.

In today's threat landscape, it is extremely important to understand just how vital Cybersecurity Awareness education programs are when it comes to protecting your people, and your organization from these threats.

We conducted an in-house study to test the effectiveness of the Beauceron Platform compared to that of industry leader, KnowBe4. We published these results in our 2021 Phishing Report.

By downloading the report, you'll see: 

  • How the Beauceron Platform users achieve a better click rate 4X faster than KnowBe4 users. 
  • Why a high report rate, and a low ignore rate are critical metrics to measure the effectiveness of cybersecurity awareness education programs. 
  • How the Beauceron Platform drives better decision making around cyber risk by empowering people. 



The Beauceron Platform focuses on building user resiliency from day one.

Reduce your click rate to reduce your cyber risk.

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Measurable, Automated, Behavior Change

Your journey to better cyber awareness starts today! You are welcome to visit, call or contact us for more information on our positive approach to reducing cyber risk and learning how your teams can care more about cybersecurity.

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